October 2018
City Hall Tower (Nevsky pr., 31)

From the 1840 the tower was a station for optic telegraph for transmitting signals from the Winter Palace to the Tsarskoye Selo and Warsaw. A strategic object!

In 1884 the tower was equipped with the huge clock by “Fridrich Winter”. By the way, this company also put the mechanisms onto the Admiralty and the Moscow Railway Station. All these clock are still working.







Every one of us thought at least once walking by Nevsky prospect facades: “What was in this building a bunch of years ago? What was the meaning of this building?” So, here are some curious facts.

The Passage (Nevsky pr., 48)

In the 1848 the decision was made to build a trading outpost such as London and Paris shops.  A three-storey building covered by a glass cupola and containing 104 shops was the most modern and fashionable mall of the capital city. By the way this mall is pictured in the “Crocodile or a passage in the Passage” by Dostoevsky. In modern days the Passage is still one of the most beautiful malls in Saint-Petersburg.


The Filippov House (Nevsky pr., 45)

Nowadays you can see a McDonald’s on the corner of Nevsky and Rubinshtein street. But at the start of the XX’s century this building was bought by the famous baker D.I. Filippov and he opened a very popular coffee shop there.




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