MAY 2018

Nation-wide “Georgian ribbon” event traditionally starts in the first week of May and thousands of people in Saint Petersburg carry it on the eve of 9th May. This is a touching date for every person in our country, irrespective of ethnicity. This is our memory and a sign of our gratitude to the soldiers, our fathers and grandfathers, who stood for the freedom of the Motherland in very hard conditions for 4 long years.

On the Hotel Vera reception you can get the most actual information on the events and parks and palaces schedules, as well as the information on transportation to suburbs.

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Getting ready for the World Cup

In a one and a half month Russia will greet the Football World Cup and the preparations of the infrastructure are getting to an end:

- Until 13th of May the Nevsky Avenue will be renovated;

- In the nearest weeks two Metro stations “Novokrestovskaya” and “Begovaya” will be opened;

- In the first half of May Betankur or Severny Bridge will be opened (through Malaya Neva);

- The former Terminal-2 of Pulkovo will be prepared to greet chartered flights with fans;

- Sport training facilities are mostly ready and are in Pavlovsk, Lomonosov and Zelenogorsk, the foreign teams will stay there.

Three park season openings

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The fountains in Peterhof traditionally went live in the end of April. All parks and most museums now work by the summer schedule. The official opening is on 19th of May – The fountain festival accompanied by “Palace saga” performance.

In the Ekaterininsky and Alexandrovsky parks of the Tsarskoe selo the sculptures have started to get free of the winter “clothing” – special casings. Ekaterinisky park is being dried and will be open to the guests when the sunny and dry weather comes.

Pavlovsky park now works on the summer schedule. In the end of May here will be held traditional “Lilac promenade” with a concert.

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